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    To use Lisa Longworth’s analogy, writing can be like a hummingbird sucking his nectar. It is food for the soul, fueling your creative process. Writing is a journey. It is a voyage of discovery and, maybe, its goal is simply the joy of knowing the journey will never end. Writing ignites the imagination. The tool is the heart; the medium is words. So when writing even nonfiction, the writer cannot help but be inspired in the process, be it in research or in descriptive prose. New avenues appear. Thoughts, feelings, and insight create blossoms on the trees along the road of this journey. Come along and join me on this trip and remember, the journey never ends. To quote Sendivogus, philosopher and chemist of the 17th century: “There is no greater help toward a successful end than a good beginning.” With this preamble, may I invite you to join me a begin the voyage!

    Dr. Patricia Daly-Lipe, is an author, artist and speaker. Patricia has written ten books. Her first La Jolla book was the Winner of the San Diego Books Awards in 2002. A Cruel Calm, the Finalist Award, 2013 she won First Prize for historical fiction. Named Author of the Year 2016-2017 by the International Association of Top Professionals and Lifetime of Achievement and Success in 2017. She was raised in La Jolla and Washington, D.C. She is a member of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild.
    San Diego Writers and Editors Guild

    6th place with 3,056 overall submissions from 46 countries!

    Patricia’s latest book “HOW SHE DID IT, The Creativity of Georgeanna Lipe, has just been received from the printers and is now available for sale.

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    Thursday, October 13th
    Patricia will be featured speaker on NLAPW’s October zoom meeting. Her subject is:We can learn from writing as the words take over.
    “Consider the thought elements in perception and the perceptual elements in thought. Yes, history is a biography. We see, we feel, we respond. But the best response for future generations is to put these thoughts, these perceptions in writing. Remember, if you can’t learn from the past, you are bound to repeat it. And how to learn? From your writing!”

    In reference to the comment below, in 1979, Joseph Roccasalvo was a professor at Manhattanville College. His course which I attended compared Freud and Buddhism. So it is an honor to receive the following message from Joseph Roccasalvo following the interview for Preferred Professionals:

    “Delightful interview, Patricia, given with your customary joie de vivre. I learned so much more about you and your life, and came away thinking, “She’s done all that she’s wanted to do, from writing and painting, to breeding horses for racing.  Astonishing range.”  I hope this video multiples your reading audience, whatever is left that hasn’t been siphoned off by cell phones.  You’re a goldmine. But your followers will still have to dig and discover the glint of words.”                                                                                                                                            Joseph

    Featured poem by Patricia Daly-Lipe  by NLAPW (National League of American Penwomen)

    Anatta: The Key to Creativity

    Sound and light,
    Flashes from the dark
    Penetrating the woods and streams within my shell
    As I lose the wall, my body, and succumb to the rays of light
    And the rhythm of chords, shaking, quickening my nerves
    To lose oneself – myself –
    To feel, to become,
    To emerge, to grow and blend,
    To breathe and be,
    Without form, without parameters

    Featured Article in The National Digest published Dec 22, 2021.

    This Author draws from the bast to compose evocative Stories | Patricia Daly-Lipe.

    • WaterBearer Press is now selling personally signed copies of
      my book La Jolla , A Celebration of its Past.

    • “Centuries can melt away in twilit torpor and you might find yourself in a dusty mission’s courtyard or gazing on sleepy cliffside beaches… And then you realize you’re seeing the “jewel by the sea” before it became La Jolla.”
      Patricia Daly-Lipe, a native of La Jolla, offers us a fantastic visual tour of this historic gem.  
      “La Jolla: a celebration of its past,” winner of the San Diego Books Awards (2002), is a rich and varied collection of vignettes and essays about historic La Jolla, with emphasis on the many extraordinary people who helped to build and shape this special place. Illustrated with vintage photos of famous faces and places, many published for the first time.
      Get your signed copy of La Jolla: a celebration of its past today, and don’t forget to tell the author at checkout to whom she should dedicate it. 

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    Patricia has been interviewed and co-hosts a YouTube Virtual Event on “Roots of Creativity”
    Tuesday, April 20, 2021 @ 6:30PM EDT, 3:30PM PDT. Also Available on Facebook.

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    The National League of American Pen Women’s magazine, The Pen Woman, Spring issue has a feature titled”Behind the Writing Scenes with…” which highlights Patricia’s article “Memoirs a Must“.

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    San Diego Writers and Editors Guild has featured Patricia it its latest blog. her article is What is Creativity.

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    Patricia’s book Miami’s Yester’Years has been featured in la Joie magazine

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    Two of Patricia’s books, Myth, Magic and Metaphor and Patriot Priest have been awarded New York City Book Awards.

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    Several branches of the NLAPW in Florida collaborated to make presentations combining art and creative writing. In Patricia’s case, Anne Baehr discovered they shared a love of France and Medieval folklore. As background music to the showing of the video of their collage is a song named “Lady and the Unicorn” by John Renbourn. Patricia’s book, MYTH, MAGIC and METAPHOR plays a role in this journey as well as one of her poems and several of her painting done in Provence. To view the presentation click here.

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    Patricia’s book Myth, Magic and Metaphor has been selected as a feature book by APSS (Association of Publishers for Special Sales) Book Store.

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    Patricia’s article “WHAT IS CREATIVITY” has been added to the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild Blog Posts.

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    Featured Art: The Princess and the Unicorn by NLAPW

    “The Princess and the Unicorn”
    (22×18) by Patricia Lipe
    Jacksonville Branch NLAPW

    Artist’s statement

    This is a painting that literally came on its own. Surrealism, perhaps? I was painting landscapes in southern France and wiped the extra oil paint with a palette knife onto an empty canvas. Later, I looked at that canvas, turned it upside down, and there they were – the Princess and the Unicorn.

    I had seen the original unicorn tapestry in Avignon, but this rendition was not planned. I did add the dragon, however. The painting depicts good (the unicorn who represents creativity) and evil (the dragon). The princess holds up the mirror so the unicorn cannot see the “evil” lurking in the woods.

    I used this painting on the cover of my book “Myth, Magic and Metaphor: A Journey into the Heart of Creativity.”

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